Basic First Aid

 Who Takes This ?

Individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers but desire or are required to be certified in
basic emergency medical care.

 Is there a Test?

No (unless your work requires one)

What’s in it:

Recognizing an Emergency, Deciding to Help, Personal Safety,  Infectious Bloodborne Diseases. Standard Precautions, Personal Protective Equipment, Consent, Implied Consent, Abandonment, Good Samaritan Laws, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Action Plans, Poison Help Line, Emergency Moves, Primary Assessment, Recovery Position, Compression-only CPR, Choking, Control of Bleeding, Tourniquets, Hemostatic Dressings, Internal Bleeding, Shock, Spinal Injury, Brain Injury, Concussion, Manual Spinal Motion Restriction, Swollen, Painful, Deformed Limb, Nosebleed, Injured Tooth, Thermal Burns, Electrical Burns, Chemical Burns, Fainting, Stroke, Hypoglycemia, Seizure, Breathing Difficulty, Asthma and Inhalers, Severe Allergic Reaction, Using an EpiPen Auto-Injector, Using an Epinephrine A

What’s the Cost?

$40.00 Per Student for First Aid Only
$55.00 Per Student for both CPR and Basic First Aid

How Long Does it Last?

Two Years

When will I get my Card?

It is usually emailed when we are onsite.  If not we will let you know then.


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